My Turriff does not support any political party.

This page provides details of the political posts that we get sent as press releases by political parties. In 2019 we did this for the General Election but we feel that it is important that we do this as an ongoing report of our politcal neutrality. Our MSP & MP are both aware of this page and we have asked to be added to their mailing lists.


Sent by Received Published
David Duguid – Scottish Conservative & Unionist 1 1
Gillian Martin – Scottish National Party 0 0
Scottish Government 0 0
UK Government 0 0

Holyrood Elections 2021

General Election 2019

My Turriff will publish any articles sent to us by or on behalf of candidates in the Banff & Buchan constituency.

    • This is to give our visitors, who are primarily residents in Turriff & surrounding areas, access to as much information as we can provide to allow them to make an informed decision as to who to give their vote to.
    • Any articles will be published unedited.
    • We will make it clear in any published article that it is campaign material.

We will contact all candidates in the Banff & Buchan constituency

  • We will have contacted each candidate, using their publically available contact details, to let them know how to contact My Turriff with any campaign-related material. we will not contact them again to solicit any further campaign material.

For added transparency here is a list of the number of General Election press releases provided by each party and the number we have published.

Candidate Received Published
Brian Balcome – Scottish Labour 0 0
David Duguid – Scottish Conservative & Unionist 3 3
Paul Roberson – Scottish National Party 5 5
Alison Smith – Scottish Liberal Democrats 3 3