Posting on the My Turriff Facebook page

We have moved our rules on posting to this page due to Facebook removing the notes facility on pages.

We’ve made some changes, subject to the conditions below, here is what we will and will not post:

  • Houses for sale or rent will not be advertised
  • Businesses will not be advertised
  • Commercial events will not be advertised unless at least two tickets for your event are provided as a prize for an on-page competition
  • Cars for sale will not be advertised
  • Jobs will continue to be advertised
  • Local groups, charity & fundraising events will be posted
  • Animals missing pets and runaway animals will be posted
  • Lost & found will be posted
  • Traffic & travel updates will be posted
  • Community information will be posted

Houses – unless you are going to pay for us to advertise your house, please don’t ask us to post it. We will accept requests from people asking for properties to rent or buy.

Businesses – if you are thinking that we are going to advertise your business just because it is in Turriff, you are wrong. You can add your business to our Business Directory here, this is where people are sent when they ask for services or trades.

If you are going to ask us to promote your business then before you even ask, you need to come up with an offer or promotion that is exclusive to My Turriff. Alternatively, you could speak to us about advertising packages here on the My Turriff website.

Commercial events – these will not be advertised. The only way these will posted is if there is a competition to win tickets or you give My Turriff tickets to give away.

Cars – we will not advertise cars.

Jobs – will be advertised if they are in Turriff or for a Turriff based business and are PAYE or day rate.

‘Jobs’ to join my team, make £££ before Christmas or where people have to pay to buy a kit or enrol will not be advertised.

Local groups, charity and fundraising events – it goes without saying that My Turriff will support these.

Animals – lost and found pets, runaway sheep etc. will continue to be posted, requests to advertise pets for sale will not be posted.

Lost & found – we will continue to post lost & found.

Traffic & travel – we will continue to post locally relevant traffic and travel updates, including road closures and public transport.

Community information – relevant community information that doesn’t fit into any of the above will be posted.


We always try and post things promptly, we also try and post things when we know we have most of our audience online. Obviously, there are certain things that just need posting when they come in.

We try and prioritise everything we post. A herd of sheep wandering along the A947 needs to be posted quickly but an event two or three weeks in the future has less time pressure.

There are currently two people who look after the Facebook page, we both work and fit this in around our work and private lives. We work through the messages as best as we can but there are times when we can’t deal with things as quickly as we would like.

Some other changes

Anonymous posts – we accept that there are times when things need to be posted anonymously but we will not make posts anonymously unless there is a very good reason. If you don’t want notifications about replies then we can name you but not tag you.

We have had people contacting us asking if we can get recommendations for someone to fix, build, paint etc., but can we post it anonymously. No, we can’t. You wouldn’t think it was right if we said, we’ve got you details of five tradespeople, but they all want to remain anonymous.

If you want recommendations then at the very least your first name will go on the post.

Events outside of Turriff – these will be posted at our discretion

Rudeness – if you just send us a picture of your event poster with nothing else or you send ‘bump’ messages because we’ve not posted something as quickly as you may like, these will be ignored.

The decision on whether to post something or not is at the discretion of the page admins and is final.

We will review these guidelines and update them from time to time as required to make sure that what we do on My Turriff remains supportive and relative to the local community.


4 April 2021