I Can Help

Thank you!

Please fill in this form to register your details.

We will pass your information to local pharmacies, Healthcare & Social work professionals and other local organisations who may have contact with people who need some help and support, by adding your details you agree to allow us to do that.

Please remember, you are volunteering to help your community and are responsible for your own safety, you should follow the relevant healthcare guidance here. You should also read the advice on here on the Volunteering Scotland website.

Remember Covid-19 is contagious, please avoid physical contact, wash your hands regularly, shopping and other items should be placed on the doorstep to avoid contact.

If you want to download some Hello Can I Help cards you can get the pdf file here, or right-click the image below and save as. Print a page off, cut them up and fill in your contact details and what you can do to help and then give them to neighbours and people you know may need a helping hand.