Questions for the Banff & Buchan candidates

Dear Candidate,

We would like to ask you the following questions to help give the voters in the Banff & Buchan constituency some more information about your views and how you will support them if you are returned as our MP after the 12 December General Election.

All the questions were suggested by followers of the My Turriff Facebook page and they reflect the views of the people who suggested them.

Please copy and paste the questions below into an email add your answers and send it to Your responses will be published on My Turriff as they are received.

Thank you for your time.

Question 1
What are the top 5 priority’s which you feel would benefit this region directly and what are you going to do to make them happen and how would you promote this area within Westminster to attract diverse businesses here?

Question 2
What are your thoughts on people throughout the Banff & Buchan constituency having to use local food banks to allow them to eat?

Question 3
Recently we have had 6 bridges washed away due to heavy rain. We have been told that some bridges may not be repaired by the council. What is your policy on helping the community deal with this issue, and what are you prepared to do to sort it?

Question 4
Given that generations of Scots have grown accustomed to devolution (live in the late 1970s and debated again from 1992), Holyrood (since 1999) and talk of independence (since 2011), is Scottish independence inevitable in due course?

Question 5
The three most influential economic powers in the world are China, the EU and the USA. After Brexit – if it happens – which should we most closely align with and why?

These questions were emailed to the addresses that we have listed for each of the candidates. We also sent a polite tweet to the four candidates, linking them to this page.