My Turriff is run as a not for profit but not for loss venture for the benefit of the community of Turriff.

The running costs are covered by Mke Rawlins, but in the ideal world, I would like My Turriff to support itself each year. To help cover some of the costs, My Turriff will now offer advertising on the site. I know that a lot of people get value from My Turriff, I know that a lot of people visit the site and the associated Facebook Page each week so if you want to get your business in front of the My Turriff audience then you can, for a modest fee.


While I will always promote local fundraising events for free, I will now be asking that commercial events contribute to the running costs in return for promoting your event. I have come up with what I believe is a  fair and equitable way of charging for promoting events which is:

  1. You provide a minimum of two tickets for a cross-promoted give away on Facebook
  2. You will be charged the cost of one top price ticket for each week your event is in the calendar and being promoted on Facebook

I think that this a fair way of costing the advertising where each event is charged a rate that is proportionate to the potential income. I do of course reserve the right to charge less or more depending on the event. If you have any other suggestions for me to promote your event, then please talk to me.

On Site Advertising

At the moment the only ad block is the large one at the foot of every post and in the newsletter.

This costs £15 a week and is displayed at the foot of every post on the site. It doesn’t rotate, it is exclusively yours, if you want to pay £15 for it. If you would like to know more about advertising on my Turriff then please do get in touch.