Recorded Crime Rises in North East as Covid Impact Lesens

The number of recorded crimes in the North-East rose during the first quarter of 2021-22 compared to the same period last year latest figures show

Changes to the pandemic restrictions have had an impact on the policing needs of our communities and the figures published in Police Scotland’s latest Performance Report, show anticipated rises in reported crimes such as violence, sexual crimes and road traffic offences.

Chief Superintendent George Macdonald

Divisional Commander George Macdonald said

Last year was unprecedented for us all and the figures from the latest report show that the pandemic continues to influence the policing needs of our communities.

During the first quarter of 2021-22 we have seen an increase in the number of offences recorded in relation to the supply of drugs as we continue to focus our efforts to try and reduce the harm that controlled drugs create in our communities across the North East.

We continue to see an increase in reported domestic abuse, sexual crimes and wider vulnerability, however we know these incidents remain under-reported and I want to encourage people to come forward. We acknowledge that the home is not always a safe place for everyone and we continue to work alongside our colleagues in national specialist units and our partners to detect cases of domestic abuse, violence, sexual crimes and provide support to victims and their families.

As restrictions continue to ease, it is to be expected that reported crimes will continue to rise as we enjoy more freedoms in comparison to last year. I want to urge motorists to be safe on the roads and to play their part in making the roads a safer place for all users, particularly as we see increasing levels of vehicles following the easing of lockdown travel restrictions.

The officers and staff working across the North East are as committed as ever to keeping our communities safe and to delivering a more effective public service and I want to thank them for their continued efforts.

The Performance Report will be presented at the Scottish Police Authority Policing Performance Committee on Wednesday, 1 September.

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