Speeding issues to be reviewed across Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Council to investigate ways of tackling speeding across the North-east

Aberdeenshire Council is to consider how to tackle the widespread problem of speeding traffic across the North-east along with partners, Police Scotland.

At a meeting of the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee on Thursday (Aug 19), councillors unanimously approved a trial of a speed indication device on Blackburn’s Fintray Road after concerns were raised over traffic speeds.

The decision was taken after Councillor Glen Reid raised a Member Promoted Issue expressing concerns over traffic speed on Fintray Road near Badger Rise, which is an area regularly used by schoolchildren and the wider community.

A traffic speed assessment found that vehicles entering Blackburn from Fintray did so at an 85th percentile of 32mph and those exiting Blackburn did so at an 85th percentile of 35mph.

The council’s current policy allows for interventions where the 85th percentile speed is above 35mph within a 30mph, based on an intervention criteria of the speed limit + 10% + 2mph.

Having heard from Cllr Reid, committee chair Cllr Peter Argyle said the proposal for a speed indicator device (SID) made “perfect sense” and proposed a trial be undertaken at the location to aid consideration of any future measures.

The council will also request that Police Scotland comes back to committee with a report exploring the continuing role it has to play in enforcing road traffic laws.

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However Cllr Argyle stressed that speeding throughout Aberdeenshire communities was of serious concern and that a region-wide holistic approach was required to tackle the problem.

He said

The speed of some motorists in virtually every community in Aberdeenshire is a major problem and there’s barely a community council meeting that any of us go to where the speed of vehicles is not raised as an issue

We need to find a more holistic way of looking at this issue across Aberdeenshire and in the first instance that will mean looking at the budget implications of purchasing an additional stock of speed indicator devices which can be used across the region.

Vice-chair Cllr Jon Cox added

The safety of our communities is of paramount importance to Aberdeenshire Council and while there is a personal responsibility for everyone to use the transport network in a safe and considerate matter, the council and Police Scotland will continue to intervene to reduce traffic speeds in our communities.

Of course, the overriding message to all those who continue to flagrantly break the speed limits in Aberdeenshire is simple – lower your speeds and keep our communities safe or you will face prosecution.

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