Additional £15m in Council budget

Additional £15m in Council budget allows for improved funding for council services

At the Aberdeenshire Council full council meeting today, Councillors have considered its final funding package which resulted in the Council receiving additional funding of £15.651m.

As a result, councillors made a number of funding commitments as follows:

£1m to support Mental Health and Wellbeing to augment the work that is currently being undertaken by the Health and Social Care Partnership in the following areas

  • Increased and earlier intervention for mental health conditions and improving access to self-help supports and programmes as well physical activity to support recovery.
  • Additional support for the promotion of mental wellbeing within Care Homes with a focus on dementia.
  • Increased suicide prevention.

£2m to support transformation projects within the Health and Social Care Partnership, aimed at reducing out of authority placements, reducing care admissions through re-enablement, and increasing independence. Greater use of digital platforms for the delivery of services.

£2m to develop projects to support the Digital Strategy agreed in January 2021

  • To improve online services for residents of Aberdeenshire
  • Improvements to mobile working for employees
  • Development of Robotic Programme Automation
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£200,000 for Public Conveniences
£111,000 for area specific projects within the communities to support resilience during COVID recovery
£450,000 to augment Scottish Welfare Support and Discretionary Housing Payments
£2m Education PPP Maintenance Agreement – identified budgetary pressure in Financial Year 21/22, that cannot be mitigated within the existing budgets
£5,627,000 Cross Service additional reserves for upcoming unexpected costs.
£100,000 for the Medium Term Carbon Strategy.
£240,000 for demand-responsive transport.

They also agreed to fund some services that had savings identified – including instrumental music services, site opening hours in HRCs, some minor flooding works, and work on local bus services.

In addition, Councillors agreed on an additional one-off commitment from the Recovery and Resilience Reserve of £240,000 for additional call handling capacity in the Council’s contact centre.

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