Alleycats TV are looking for tractor mad 18 – 30 year olds

18 - 30-year-old tractor mad people needed for a new TV series where teams of three compete against each other in a series of challenges

AlleyCats TV is looking for teams from Scotland to appear in a new TV programme The Fast and The Farmerish which is being produced for BBC3.

The show will be hosted by farmer and YouTube star Tom Pemberton.

Teams of three are being invited to apply for the Scottish National heats, where the winner will go through to compete against Wales England & Norther Irleand.

Filming this summer, the show will put the UK’s best young farming and agricultural talent through a series of unique tractor-driving challenges to crown the UK’s first-ever ‘Fast&Farmer(ish)’ champions!!

Teams of three from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will test their machines, skills and strategy behind the wheel as they compete in heats and attempt to reach the grand final in order to claim bragging rights for their nation.

Deirdre from Alleycats TV said

We are so excited about our brand new BBC3 tractor challenge series.
We are looking for 18-30-year-olds who are tractor mad, have skill behind the wheel, want to win and love the craic.

Teams of three from England, Scotland, Wales and NI will compete in their national heats before a team from each goes into the semi-finals.
No doubt Scotland will have its eye on the final and the first-ever Fast and Farmerish UK title.

The challenges are designed by our Agri expert and won’t be anything the average farmer or contractor wouldn’t encounter on a daily basis but this time they are under pressure to be the best, the most precise or the fastest at completing their challenge.

Personality is key – so we are looking for teams who really bounce off each other, have the banter and have the steely grit to be victorious.

Skill and strategy will win out at the end of the day.

The Scottish heat takes place at the end of July and then semis and Final in early September.

It would be awesome to have some lads and lassies from Turriff apply.

If you think you have what it takes then you can apply by sending an email to and then someone will get in touch asap to have a chat with you about the application.

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