NFUS extends welcome new crop of MSPs

Voting in the Scottish Parliamentary elections has seen a raft of new MSPs appointed to bring a fresh dynamic to Scottish politics for the five years ahead.

The vote saw SNP secure 64 seats; Scottish Conservatives 31 seats; Scottish Labour 22 seats; Scottish Green Party 8 seats and Scottish LibDems 4 seats.

NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy said

Profile picture of NFU Scotland President, Martin Kennedy kneeling in a field, wide landscape and hills in the background
NFU Scotland President, Martin Kennedy

The newly elected Scottish Parliament faces some major tasks as the nation recovers from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and we look to build a prosperous green post-Brexit future that delivers for all of Scottish society.

NFU Scotland wants a sustainable and profitable future for farmers and crofters and our key asks were clearly mapped out in our manifesto for these elections. We want to use that manifesto as a building block to work with the new Government and all parties on the nation’s green recovery and our response to the climate change crisis.

Our new parliament must quickly show leadership in adopting policies that will set the future direction for Scottish agriculture. Much of this work has been done and what we need now is action and delivery. That is the basis on which farmers and crofters will judge the success of the new government.

With agriculture, rural affairs, land reform, environment and food policy in the hands of the Scottish Parliament to deliver, there are big decisions to be taken by this new crop of MSPs which will be extremely significant for NFU Scotland members.

NFU Scotland has always enjoyed strong and positive links with parliamentarians of all colours since the Scottish Parliament was established, and we look forward to continuing this engagement in the new parliamentary term.

There are a lot of new faces in the parliament, and we look forward to being able to discuss with them the importance of our industry. Whether from a rural constituency or the centre of a city, farming and food is important to all and impacts on everyone’s life.

Our regular regional meetings with MPs and MSPs have continued online throughout the pandemic and we look forward to a time when we can meet face to face with our elected officials, possibly on farms or at future agricultural events.

We pass on our very best wishes for the future to those MSPs and candidates who are not returning to the Scottish Parliament. Several of those have been very vocal and strong advocates for Scottish farmers and crofters and have been heavily involved in rural issues debated at Holyrood for many years.

Over the coming days, key Cabinet appointments for our industry will also be made, and we will look to meet with those ministers at the earliest possibility as we work together on solutions to the unique opportunities and challenges now facing our industry.

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