A2B bus service returns

The Aberdeenshire Council A2B bus service is beginning to return to operation

The Turriff A2B town bus service is returning to operation.

The A2B service which operates and town and rural bus service is resuming on Wednesday & Friday each week. It is expected that as demand increases, additional days will be added with the hope that it will return to full service. The rural service has been operating since October last year and the town service restarting will be a welcome addition for people in Turriff.

A2B bus Information
A2B dial-a-bus is a pre-booked minibus service providing travel for shopping or to access other local services or facilities. In most cases a door-to-door service is provided, operating during weekdays. The service is free to use. Transport bookings are accepted up to a week before travel or up to a fortnight for health-related trips. Bookings must be made no later than the day before travel.

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If there is no other suitable bus service in the area anyone can use A2B dial-a-bus whatever their age or ability. If there is alternative public transport, A2B dial-a-bus is provided for older and disabled residents. To find out if you qualify to become a member of your local A2B service contact A2B at a2bdialabus@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or on 01467 535 333.

Turriff A2B services are supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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