Exam chaos looming says Aberdeenshire East Labour candidate

SNP should get "A+ for Buck-Passing," says Scottish Labour candidate as more exams chaos looms

Scottish Labour’s candidate for Aberdeenshire East has criticised the SNP for passing the buck to avoid taking responsibility for another looming crisis for young people sitting their National 5, Higher and Advanced Highers.

Graeme Downie’s call follows the publication of guidance by the SQA indicating that work completed by young people during lockdown cannot be presented as evidence towards a teacher’s final award decision.

The SNP continue to suggest that exams are not essential, however, the SQA’s evidence demands and the time left to fulfil them are forcing schools to put in place last-minute assessments, an exam diet by another name, piling pressure on young people and schools with no time to prepare.

Mr. Downie says that by not allowing teachers to use whatever evidence they see fit, the SNP are showing they do not trust our teachers to assessment the attainment of our young people.

Commenting, Graeme Downie, said

Young people have been working hard for the past few months on work prepared diligently by teachers and were told there would be no exams this year, with awards based on teacher assessments.

Now we find that work might be a waste of time as teachers cannot use it as evidence for their awards, with candidates facing a compressed exam programme with limited time to prepare with no prelims or study leave.

The SNP do not trust young people or teachers but have made sure they can blame the SQA, Councils or even schools if there is another year of chaos with qualifications as we saw in 2020. They continue to put the system before pupils

Young people have already faced one difficult year of schooling due to the pandemic but this second blow could seriously affect their futures, lessening their own aspirations and damaging the credibility of the education system.

The SNP have to trust teachers to make their own judgements on their pupils, including work completed since Christmas so that all of those exam entrants get the grades they have earned.

Scottish Labour has a detailed plan for the educational recovery for our children, the SNP just passes on the blame for their failures.

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