Scottish SPCA Warning – Bogus Inspectors

Warning of bogus Scottish SCPA Inspectors trying to remove animals from homes.

The Scottish SPCA is issuing a warning about bogus Inspectors trying to remove animals from properties. There have been reports  of bogus Inspectors in the Renfrewshire and Perthshire areas but are asking everyone to be vigilant

The bogus Inspectors are using a white van with Scottish SPCA stickers on it. Scottish SPCA vans are predominantly black with branding as shown in the image below.

Scottish SCPA van

Genuine Inspectors will be able to produce photographic ID and will be happy to provide you with their vehicle registration.
In a statement the Scottish SCPA said

If you are unsure about someone who comes to your door please ask them to wait outside and call us immediately. Our Inspectors will respect your need to do this.

Our confidential animal helpline can be reached on 03000 999 999.

Scottish SCPA website.

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