Mainland Scotland moves to Protection Level 4

Mainland Scotland moves into Protection Level 4 at 00:01 on 26 December.

This information has been superseded by the STAY HOME guidance published on 4 January.

As of 00:01 on 26 December mainland Scotland is at Protection level 4.

The raised level and restrictions are in place to try and slow the infection rate of the Covid-19 virus including the new strain which was identified recently.

Professor Jason Leitch, Scotland’s national clinical director, warned a that a lockdown similar to the one in March rather than the restrictions used in November may be needed to suppress the new strain of coronavirus.

Professor Leitch said

If it got to a point where we needed more and if the R number increases by even 0.4, which is the lower end of the suggestion from Nervtag, that means – in old money – you have to get to an R number of 0.5.

And this new variant would take you to 0.9 compared to the old variant.

That is really, really difficult. So that would mean everybody working from home who possibly could.

It would be back to March rather than November.

The raised level and restrictions mean that across mainland Scotland

  • Indoor meetings are not allowed except for limited exceptions
  • Six people from a maximum of two households can meet outside
  • Driving lessons are not allowed
  • Public transport should not be used unless it is for essential purposes
  • Non-essential shops must close
  • Close contact services must close

For more detailed guidance on specific business types, this page on the website has more information.

Scotish Government Protection Level 4 matrix A full list of the restrictions and more information can be found on the website.

Additionally, to the Government restrictions, NHS Grampian has issued guidance for visiting family & friends in hospital. NHS Grampian advice for visiting famliy & freinds in hospital

There will be a review of the Protection Levels by the Scottish Government in two weeks.

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