Statement from Scottish Fisherman’s Federation on Brexit deal

The Scottish Fisherman's Federation has released a statement after this afternoons Brexit deal announcement

The Scottish Fisherman’s Federation has released the following statement on this afternoons Brexit deal announcement.

Elspeth Macdonald, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, said that while the full details of the Fisheries Agreement reached between the UK and the EU had yet to emerge, on the surface it did not appear to deliver on the industry’s aspirations.

What has been outlined so far is that full access will be granted to EU vessels for effectively six years from January

Over the same timescale the increase in quota shares for UK vessels will be 25 per cent.

The Government has not yet provided the full text of the agreement or how this increase will apply to particular species, so it is very difficult to make a detailed assessment of the impact on our industry.

However, the principles that the Government said it supported – control over access, quota shares based on zonal attachment, annual negotiations – do not appear to be central to the agreement.

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After all the promises given to the industry, that is hugely disappointing. We expect to be able to study the detail in the coming days and will issue a further statement when we have been able to do so.

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