September & October police report for Turriff & District ward

The Police Scotland ward report for the Ward 7 area during September & October 2020.

Ward 7 Community Council Report

Community Council Report

This report covers progress we have made in dealing with your priorities for the Ward 7 area during the months of September and October 2020.

The report aims to highlight emerging issues in your area, and to provide crime prevention advice and guidance to Community Council members and residents you represent.  Our focus is to reduce crime and disorder, help create safer communities and respond effectively to local concerns.

Community Policing Priorities

Community Council AreaNo. of Crime Reports
Turriff and District41
Fyvie, Rothienorman and Monquhitter9
Auchterless, Inverkeithny and Fisherford1

Note: Please be advised that the numbers above relate to individual crime reports recorded by Police Scotland during the review period. A single crime report may contain multiple offences.

Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:

During this period there have been seven recorded minor assaults with two of them being domestic in nature, three involving children, one being between adult family members and one assault against Police Officers.  These occurred between the Turriff and Cuminestown areas, with six of the reports being detected and one remaining undetected.

There have been five reports of threatening and abusive behaviour over this period.  Two of these incidents stemmed from neighbour disputes, two were domestic in nature and one involved an intoxicated male acting aggressively on High Street, Turriff.  All of these offences have been detected with various reports being submitted to the Procurator Fiscals Office.

We have had three reports of Vandalism over this period and unfortunately they all relate to the same property on Main Street, Turriff.  It appears to have been targeted by local youths that congregate in the area.  Enquiries are still on going into this matter.

We have been made aware this month regarding issues of youths congregating on Main Street and High Street, Turriff and causing a nuisance to local residents in this area.  I would urge parents to ensure that their children are being respectful and abiding by the current COVID regulations by not congregating with their peers in public spaces.

Acquisitive Crime:

During this review period there have been nine reported crimes of this type.

Three reports relate to the Theft of farming / industrial equipment, one from the Turriff area and two from the Methlick area.  One report relates to a Theft of post in the Turriff area.  There have been three reported Theft by Shopliftings and one attempted Theft by Shoplifting, all from stores in the Turriff area.  There was also one report of an unlawful removal of a motor vehicle from Rothienorman, whereby a vehicle was taken without permission by a family member of the owner. 

We have had one reported Fraud from a business premises in Turriff.  There was also one attempted Fraud from the Auchterless area whereby persons attempted to gain access to an individual’s bank account by posing as their bank.  Both reports are being progressed with positive lines of enquiry.

Road Safety & Road Crime:

Formartine CPT supported by Roads Policing Teams continue to target anti-social driving within Turriff and the surrounding areas.  We have seen the return of the usual problems associated with Turriff High Street, Tesco Car Park and Turriff Primary School, along with some additional issues in relation to the new one way system and reduced speed limit in the town centre.

Officers from the Formartine Community Policing Team are dedicated to improving road safety in our area and will combat this issue wherever it is found.  To that end both Operation Illustrious and Abacablue are being run to target and combat speeding and anti-social driving.

We appreciate the assistance from members of the community who report these incidents as a when they occur, however I would like to take the opportunity to advise them that detail is key.  When it comes to reporting anti-social driving behaviour, we need specific times, dates, places and registration numbers as a minimum, it is very difficult to prove any offences without them. In Ward 7 during this period we have had fifteen road traffic offences reported.  These have included driving the wrong way up a one way system, driving with no insurance, speeding, failing to stop following a collision, careless driving and various construction and use offences.

Operation Cedar / Illustrious:

Operation CEDAR continues to target driver behaviour with a focus on education of poor behaviours.  This core operation forms a key part of our local anti-social behaviour / driving campaign, Operation ILLUSTRIOUS and Operation ABACABLUE.

Operation Illustrious continues to provide dedicated speeding patrols across Formartine.  During this period seventeen drivers have been warned with four drivers receiving fixed penalty tickets regarding excessive speeds.

Other incidents:

Controlled drugs and their use/sale remains an issue across all Local Policing Areas in the North East however, with the support of the community and regular reporting on drug dealing and drug use, Officers from the Formartine Local Policing Team will continue to proactively tackle those involved in this type of crime.  Any information available from members of the public is invaluable and can be passed to Police using any of the below ‘Contact Us’ methods.

Also on My Turriff
Police investigating incidents at two historic sites in the North East

During this period, as part of a specific Operation Abacablue deployment, local officers have stopped and searched a number of individuals and have been engaged in intelligence gathering work.  As a result four persons have been charged and reported for being found in possession of controlled drugs in the Turriff area and one person has been charged with being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs following the execution of a Drugs Search Warrant in the Fyvie area.

Community Engagement & Reassurance

“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be fully understood, but all organisations agree that it will have had an effect on the mental wellbeing on our communities, particularly around personal resilience. 

Sadly we have seen a rise in suicide over the last few months across the region, which is devastating for families and friends, but also impacts widely across communities, as they come to terms with such a sudden loss.  There can be residual feelings of guilt or shame, caused by stigma (the feeling of being judged).

Helping starts with conversation, and not being scared to mention the suicide.  If someone is feeling that low, talking about suicide WILL NOT put the idea in their head, but it might release some of the pressure however.  Educate yourself around suicide, be kind, and ask people how they are feeling, and most importantly listen, you don’t have to be an expert or have the answers or give views, just be an empathetic ear.

Support information:   – Scotland’s official new movement to prevent suicide

Provides info for those affected by suicide, contact details for services in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire and allows users to create their own safety plan. Available to download as a free phone app from your app store

SAMARITANS is a confidential 24hr emotional support service for anyone in the UK and Ireland

Phone – 116 123

BREATHING SPACE 0800 83 85 87

Is a free and confidential phone line service

Mon – Thurs 6pm to 2am, Fri 6pm – Mon 6am (lines open 24hrs at weekends)

Rural Watch

North East Scotland Rural Crime and Safety Partnership has been set up to specifically target matters affecting rural areas, including road safety, acquisitive crime, agricultural safety, live-stock worrying and hare-coursing.

In addition to this and after recent consultation with the national Neighbourhood Watch and the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC), the Formartine Community Policing Team is keen to encourage local residents to sign up and use “Rural Watch Scotland”.  You can register online by visiting the Rural Watch website.

Police Scotland regularly use this service as a means to convey various information about our local area.  It has the benefit of being able to include more detailed information than is possible in a social media post, so it is really worthwhile signing up.  Sign up is free and doesn’t take long.


Just a reminder to everyone that it is your own responsibility to keep yourself and your families safe and up to date with current restrictions and measures put in place by the Scottish Government. 

Face coverings continue to be mandatory in shops and other places where effective social distancing is unlikely.

The conditions for licensed premises have eased considerably with them now being able to host patrons internally.  I would remind everyone attending at these establishments to abide by the social distancing measures to keep themselves and others safe.  This is also how you can support your local bars and restaurants, as if patrons are found breaching these measures then they may be forced to close again.

Further information and details can be found here on the”>Aberdeenshire Council website.

Security Advice:

Police in the Formartine area are urging communities to be aware of doorstep crime and scams.

Doorstep crime can affect some of the most vulnerable members of local communities, with perpetrators mainly targeting victims because of some perceived vulnerability such as age, or disability.

There are various types of doorstep crime including bogus callers who try to get into someone’s home or obtain personal details by pretending to be someone they are not and rogue traders who claim to be offering services but charge overinflated prices for little or no work.

People can also be targeted via the internet or phone.

Key safety principles are

THINK – Only let in callers if they have an appointment

SECURE – Use your door chain/spy hole before opening the door

QUESTION – Ask for Callers ID

IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT Information and advice on keeping safe can be found on the Police Scotland website.

If members of the community witness any suspicious activity it can be reported to the Police using the methods detailed below.

Thank you all for your cooperation during this difficult time, please stay safe and keep your families safe.

Sergeant Richard Barnwell

Formartine Community Policing Team

Date: 01 November 2020

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