Fyvie Primary in running for Scots Language Awards

Fyvie Primary School has been nominated as Scots School of the year in the Scots Language Awards 2020

Fyvie Primary School has been nominated as Scots School of the year in the Scots Language Awards 2020. One of the school’s teachers, Fiona MacNab, is also in the running for recognition as Scots Teacher of the Year.

Head Teacher Anne Craig explained

The school as a whole embraces and encourages the use of Doric language and we are always proud of our pupils for their efforts with Doric poetry. We are really pleased to have been recognised through the awards programme and we look forward to finding out about the winners.

One of the highlight’s in the last school year was where children in P4/5, along with Fiona MacNab, set themselves the challenging task of producing an animation telling the story of the song the Tod, by Matthew Fitt. The task proved to be even more challenging than expected when technological challenges were compounded by the advent of Covid-19. With the likelihood of a lockdown looming, they worked together and supported each other exceptionally well to compress a planned 3-4 weeks’ work into only 4 days to complete and edit the animation before lockdown started.

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Winners will be determined by public vote and friends and family as well as the wider public are encouraged to support Fyvie and have their say online here.

Councillor Gillian Owen, Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee, commented

Well done to everyone involved. The class clip is brilliant and you are all very deserving finalists! Language and dialect plays such a huge part in our understanding of the world and I’m really pleased to see young people being given the opportunity to embrace projects like these with such passion and enthusiasm.

Cllr Anne Stirling, Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Communities Committee, added

Doric is an important part of our culture and our heritage in Aberdeenshire and I am delighted to see Fyvie Primary being recognised for such a wonderful example of the work they do to engage pupils.

you can read more about the Scots Language Awards and see the other entries on the Scots In Schools website.

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