Survey on the impact of Covid-19 across the Shire

Aberdeenshire Council has launched a survey which is being used to help paint a picture of the impact of COVID-19 across our communities.

A survey is being launched across Aberdeenshire to help paint a picture of the impact of COVID-19. The aim is to find out what the pandemic felt like – in its early stages – what has happened to individuals, communities, and businesses, what helped and what made life more difficult.

This information will become part of Community Impact Assessments, documents which will paint a picture of COVID-19 in the area and will help inform Council decision making.

The survey goes live today (Friday, August 7) and will stay open until Sunday, 30 August. There will also be meetings around Council Ward areas involving local groups such as Community Councils, Business/Traders Associations, charitable organisations and resilience groups to name just a few, to provide another way of getting more information about the impact of the pandemic on communities.

All responses to this survey are anonymous. The information collected will only be used to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities in Aberdeenshire and help with planning in the future. Feedback from the survey will be published on the Council website.

Council Leader Cllr Jim Gifford said

It is so important that we understand what this unprecedented and extraordinary time has felt like so far for people in Aberdeenshire. We need to know what worked and what did not, what became important to them and how their priorities have changed. This will inform decision making now and into the future. Make no mistake, we are not suggesting this is over. Far from it. We all need to keep up to date with the guidance from national government and play our part in keeping this virus under control.

Cllr Peter Argyle is Deputy Council Leader. He said

This is a snapshot, a chance to hear from people, before the memories of what they went through in the early days begin to fade. I think almost everyone has felt an impact in some way as a direct result of what we have been through over the past four months. I reiterate that this is not over, but it is a good time to hear how people feel.

You can take part in the survey by using the link below


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