Face covering compulsory in Scottish shops from today

Face covering Friday. It is now compulsory that you wear a face covering in shops and other enclosed public spaces in Scotland.

It is now compulsory to wear a face-covering if you enter a shop or other enclosed public space in Scotland as part of Phase 3 of the Routemap Out Of Lockdown.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the wearing of face coverings will help to limit the spread of Covid-19.

It is accepted that wearing the face covering will protect others more than the person wearing it, and this is why it is important that everyone wears face coverings in public enclosed spaces such as shops and on public transport where the compulsory wearing of face coverings has been in place since 22 June.

In Turriff our business owners and shop keepers have been making adjustments to how they operate to help keep us safe, now it is time for us to make some changes to how we shop to help them and everyone else in the community.

Police Scotland is asking people to take personal responsibility and wear a face covering, but have not ruled out using the law if they need to.

The Scottish Government have a number of exemptions on the use of face coverings

  • Face coverings should not be used for children under the age of five years.
  • Individual discretion should be applied in considering the use of face coverings for other children including, for example, children with breathing difficulties and disabled children who would struggle to wear a face covering.
  • Similarly, discretion is allowed for people who have a health condition, disabled people and those who need to communicate with a person who has difficulties communicating (in relation to speech, language or otherwise) where wearing a face covering would be inappropriate because it would cause difficulty, pain or severe distress or anxiety or because it cannot be worn in the proper manner safely.
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Face coverings are not a substitute for other hygiene measures such as regular hand washing and cleaning procedures, but using as many of the measures that are available will go a long way to limiting the transmission of the virus in our communities, remember FACTS

Remember face coverings do not need to be medical or surgical masks, leave these for the NHS staff, carers and people who need them. A number of shops in Turriff are selling reusable face coverings, just remember to wash them regulalry at 60c.

You can read the full Scottish Government Route Out Of Lockdown document here on the gov.scot website.

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