David Duguid welcomes energy industry announcement on emissions

David Duguid comments on the gas & oil industry announcement that they are aiming to cut carbon emissions by half in the next ten years.

The gas & oil industry today announced that they are aiming to cut carbon emissions by half in the next ten years.

The reduction will be is areas like production platforms, exploration, shipping and helicopter movements which will all be counted, along with emissions from onshore terminals. The reduction is on the exploration and production of fossil fuels and not on the use.

Commenting on the announcement from the UK offshore oil and gas industry to halve operational emissions within a decade, UK Government minister for Scotland David Duguid said

The offshore oil and gas sector is one of Scotland’s most important industries, especially in the north east, and the announcement they will halve their emissions in the next decade is very welcome. This sector is well known for their innovation and adaptability and it is great to see them leading the way.

I met with representatives from the sector last week and was pleased to hear about the progress for the sector deal and look forward to working with everyone make these a reality.

The gas & oil sector are responsible for around 4% of the UK’s carbon emissions and are working towards net-zero by the middle of the century.

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