Use water wisely as temperatures rise

Use water wisely as temperatures rise, that is the call from Scottish Water to residents across the north-east.

Use water wisely as temperatures rise, that is the call from Scottish Water to residents across the north-east.

Scottish Water is asking customers to only use the water they need with temperatures set to continue to remain high over the coming days.

Low rainfall levels across the country mean being water-efficient in and around the home will be essential to helping to keep supplies flowing.

Water sources such as reservoirs, lochs and rivers continue to be monitored to allow supplies to be distributed effectively through the network to customers’ taps.

Kes Juskowiak, national water operations manager, said householders should think about their water use during the warm, dry weather.

He said

The forecast for the weekend and coming days is for warm, dry weather to continue. People are obviously likely to be spending more time in their gardens and I would urge customers to think about the water they use and try to use less.

From watering the garden with sprinklers and hoses, to filling up paddling pools, we are keen to not place further demand on the public water system at this time. Grass is incredibly resilient and will bounce back when the rain comes. Hoses and sprinklers typically use about 1000 litres of water an hour, this is more than 12 baths and more than three average UK families use in a day.

There are some simple, easy ways people can save water in and around the home and I would welcome households thinking about being as efficient as possible with this natural and precious resource.

While it is essential that people continue to follow Government advice regarding hand-washing during the Covid-19 pandemic, Scottish Water has outlined other ways in which customers can use water efficiently.

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Simple, practical steps which we encourage customers to follow include:

  • Using a watering can rather than a hose to water plants
  • Taking shorter showers
  • Using a bucket and sponge rather than a hose to wash vehicles
  • Using washing machines and dishwashers fully loaded
  • Only boil the kettle with the water you need

To help customers use water efficiently, advice is available on the Scottish Water website or by calling the Scottish Water customer helpline on 0800 0778778.

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