Dominic Cummings – comment from David Duguid MP

David Duguid MP comment on Dominic Cummings

Local MP, David Duguid had not passed any comment on the ongoing story about Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s special advisor Dominic Cummings travelling from London to Durham during lockdown in what appears to be against the advice of the UK Government.

When asked this morning he said that

[he] was not in possession of all the facts, so would not rush to judgment.

After watching the press conference broadcast from the garden at 10 Downing Street this afternoon, David Duguid, Scottish Conservative MP for Banff and Buchan, said

Some people may disagree with the judgements made by Mr Cummings and many will have already made up their minds before hearing the full story.

However, I think many will now look at this afresh and consider some of the news coverage in a different light.

The Prime Minister has said he satisfied that Mr Cummings acted properly and has made his judgement on the matter.

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