Coronavirus update – You should still Stay At home

Confusing and mixed messages as the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson starts to ease lockdown in England

This evening the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made a statement on national TV and revealed his plans for easing the lockdown.

The measures he outlined for England include ‘actively encouraging’ people who cannot work from home, to return to work on Monday and from Wednesday, people in England can take ‘unlimited exercise’, including sitting in your local park or driving to destinations for exercise.

To be clear:

these changes apply only to England

The new message of Stay Alert, Control The Virus, Save Lives appears to be meaningless.

According to one reporter, Number 10 issued a statement to explain the new message

This new message being used in England just dilutes the Stay At Home message which Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland are still using, and making a broadcast about it on national TV when the devolved administrations are working hard to deal with the pandemic in different ways, is at best confusing and at worst, dangerous.

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has stressed that the ‘stay at home’ message remains in place in Scotland.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

The only minor change to the lockdown in Scotland is that the once-a-day exercise limit will be removed from Monday, but people must still stay close to home and the First Minister emphasised the move does not extend to picnics, sunbathing or barbeques.

The North East of Scotland is still seven to ten days away from the peak of the Coronavirus according to the Health Care professionals in NHS Grampian. So we need to continue to Stay At Home to Save Lives.

Germany started to ease its lockdown restrictions on Wednesday (albeit at a quicker rate than Boris is currently doing) and have already seen a rise in the number of infections, it is thought that the reproduction (R) rate in Germany is now 1.1, which means the infection is increasing.

The best way we can fight the virus is to Stay Home which will Save Lives.



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