North East public urged to continue complying with physical distancing to help save lives

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The public in the North East are urged to continue complying with physical distancing to help save lives says Superintendent Kate Stephen of North East Police Division

Police in the North East continue to thank the public for their co-operation, consent and compliance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Following an appearance by Police Scotland’s Chief Constable Iain Livingstone during the First Minister’s coronavirus briefing on Friday, Superintendent Kate Stephen of North East Police Division is also urging everyone to stick with the guidance and to stay at home as the restrictions continue.

Supt Stephen said

As the Chief Constable said today, we need everyone to continue to exercise the same self-discipline, commitment and common sense which has, so far, served us well. Our officers and staff are being met by high levels of co-operation however we know that people were hopeful that there might be changes to the current restrictions. As it stands, the guidance is clear – continue to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

Police Scotland officers are continuing to patrol communities across the North East every day, engaging with people where necessary, explaining the legislation and encouraging them to comply. Only where people continue to defy that very clear advice is enforcement action being used as a last resort. We continue to value your trust and are committed to supporting you as the restrictions continue.

Officers are also continuing to respond to day-to-day policing demands and our priority remains helping to keep everyone safe. Sadly, for some, I know the stay at home guidance may expose them to a greater risk of harm and that private and virtual spaces are not safe places for everyone. The crucial role of the police service, particularly at this time, is to support and protect vulnerable people and we are still here to do just that. If you need help or support, or you know someone who is in need, please come forward and let us know.

Continue to follow the guidelines and please do everything you can to keep yourself, your family and our communities safe.

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