The Turra Coo Moo

Let's show our support for all the unsung heroes who keep on keeping on for us during the lockdown by taking part in the #TurraCooMoo

Let’s all do the Turra Coo Moo!

Every Thursday at 8 pm we go and clap for the NHS which is absolutely the right thing for us to do to show our support for these frontline workers.

What about the shop workers, farmers, stockmen, delivery drivers, posties, key workers, emergency services, volunteers, bus drivers and many others who are all continuing to work to keep us safe, with food on our tables?

So we’ve come up with the idea of the #TurraCooMoo, at 7 pm each evening, for a bit of fun and to show our thanks and support to these workers, let’s all go out into our gardens, on to our front steps, hang out of our windows and do the Turra Coo Moo for two minutes.

Kids, and probably some adults, could make megaphones to make the moo a bit louder, you could have a moo off with your neighbours.

Turriff is uniquely positioned to do the Turra Coo Moo, we are Turra and we have the Coo so let’s capitalise on this with the #TurraCooMoo!

Use the #TurraCooMoo tag on social media with your photos and videos and let’s make this a thing, support all the people who are working to keep us safe and fed, have a bit of fun and more importantly let’s keep Turriff on the map.

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You might think this is a bit, odd, funny or just plain stupid, but a month ago you would have thought the same about standing outside on a Thursday night clapping for the NHS.

There is a more serious side to this, as well as showing our support for workers, when this is over we will need people to visit us, we need the tourist trade, so if we can keep ourselves in the public eye with something that is a bit different, odd, funny or whatever you want to call it, it will help us when we are all trying to rebuild after this dreadful time has passed.

What have you got to lose? You’ll miss the first two minutes of the One Show…

I’d love to say this was all my idea, but it was repurposed, renamed with a snappy #tag from the good people in Belper.


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