TV Licensing bogus callers

There have been reports of people calling at residential properties in Turriff saying that they are from TV Licensing and wanting to check the property for TVs

There have been reports of people calling at residential properties in Turriff saying that they are from TV Licensing.

When speaking to whoever answers the door, they say that they are from TV Licensing and say that the TV Licence for the address has expired. They then ask to come in and check the property for TVs.

An Enquiry Officer from TV Licensing will have an identity card. The official information about Enqury Officer visits from TV Licensing is

When  Enquiry Officers visit a property they will prove their identity by showing their two-part TV Licensing ID cards.

The first part of their ID card will display the TV Licensing logo, a passport-sized photograph along with the enquiry officer’s first name. The ID card will also show the expiry date along with their unique six-digit card number.

The second part of their ID is a separate card which contains the officer’s photograph and name to indicate that this person is authorised to engage in TV Licensing investigations.

If you request it, the officer will provide you with the TV Licensing telephone number 0300 790 6071. You can then call this number and have TV Licensing verify the enquiry officer’s details by providing the officer’s unique six-digit card number. The Customer Service advisor will guide you through the rest of the verification process.


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When Enquiry officers visit a property they will

  • Prove their identity by showing an identity card. If requested, they’ll also provide a telephone number so the person being visited can confirm the information on the card.
  • Explain why they are visiting and be polite, courteous and fair.
  • Follow applicable laws, regulations, policies and codes of practice.
  • Avoid threatening or intimidating behaviour.
  • Respect people’s rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Enter the property only when given permission.
  • When necessary, conduct a record of interview and ask for a signature to confirm that the notes taken are an accurate account of that interview.
  • Make sure the person being interviewed knows what consequences may arise as a result of watching or recording live TV programmes on any channel or device, or downloading or watching BBC programmes on iPlayer, without being covered by a TV licence.
  • Stop the visit if asked to leave.
  • When necessary, use detection equipment or apply to Court for a search warrant if they have reason to believe that someone at the address is committing an offence by using a television receiver without a licence.

If you have any doubts about anyone calling at your property purporting to be from TV Licensing or any other organisation and you are unsure, you should not let them into your property and report it to Police Scotland using 101.

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