Entry for the 2020 Doric Film Festival now open

Fowk fa are wintin tae be in the 2020 Doric Film Festival, were asked tae mak a film, nae mair than 5 mins lang, that fits intae their notion o ‘Jist Far I Bide

Entries for the 2020 Doric Film Festival are now open, participants are asked to make a short film of no more than 5 mins in duration that presents their interpretation of the theme – ‘Jist Far I Bide’.

For your film to be accepted all content must be copyright free and contain original content including music, text and script. The film must not be more than 5 mins in duration with all dialogue and text in Doric.

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Entires from schools, groups and individuals are accepted.

The final deadline for all entries and submissions is 31st May 2020

For more information and to enter your film, visit the Doric Film Festival website.

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