David Duguid re elected in Banff & Buchan

David Duguid has been re-elected in the Banff & Buchan constituency.
David Duguid MP

David Duguid has been re-elected to represent the Banff & Buchan constituency in Westminster.

The turn out was 63.55%

Candidate name



BALCOMBE, Brian Robert  1,734 -5.3
DUGUID, David James  21,182 +2.2
ROBERTSON, Paul Crombie  17,064 +1.3
SMITH, Alison Fiona  2,280 +1.9
Majority 4,118
Turn out 42,356 +1.8

The General Election on 12 December 2019 nationally saw Boris Johnston’s Conservatives gain a Westminster majority with 364 seats.

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In Scotland, the SNP were the big winners taking an additional 13 seats giving them 48 of the 59 available seats, Conservatives took 6, Lib Dems 4 and Labour 1.

MPs return to Westminster on Tuesday.

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