‘On the beat’ with Sgt Richard Barnwell June 2019

The monthly 'On the Beat' update from Sgt Richard Barnwell from Turriff Community Policing Team

Welcome to our ‘On The Beat’ section covering the Turriff and surrounding area. We are thankfully living in a very safe area with very low crime levels, and those that do occur are detected very quickly. I will highlight just some of the crimes that have occurred and where we may need your help and also highlight some other topics of interest.

Incidents during June

During June, we have had thirty-seven crimes reported and recorded by Police at Turriff. Seventeen of these are already detected, with all of the remaining still open and under investigation.

Of these offences; eight related to road traffic type offences including careless driving, drink driving, driving out with terms of license and construction and use offences. Seven relate to crimes of disorder including threatening and abusive behaviour. Seven related crimes of dishonesty including Thefts, Theft by Housebreaking and Fraud. Two relates to a crimes of violence. Eight relate to Antisocial type behaviour including Vandalisms and fire-raising. Three relate to crimes of domestic nature. Finally one relates to wildlife crime.

I continue to encourage members of the public to report any criminal problems, issues or suspect behaviour directly to us, either by attending at the office, email, phoning 101 or 999 in emergency situations. Anything else that you are not so sure about may be better brought to our attention through one of our community council meetings, community surgery events, or one of our future mobile Police clinics.

Local issues

Vandalisms continue to be a big issue for Turriff, especially around the Haughs. These are believed to primarily be committed by juveniles and are occurring at all times of day and night. I would encourage locals who regularly use the Den to be vigilant for groups of youths acting suspiciously in the area and pass the information to us at the Turriff Police Office. We are keen to stamp out this kind of mindless, destructive behaviour from our community, but we will need your help in doing so.

To that end, I would ask that parents of young adolescents remind them to stop and think about the consequences of their actions and that an act of mindless vandalism not only affects the property owner and the wider community, but can also affect their future prospects should they have criminal charges filed against them. Please pay particular attention to who your children are hanging around with and what sort of items they are taking with them. Should we find your children in possession of items they shouldn’t have, for example alcohol, spray paint or knifes, then you may find us at your home asking you some difficult questions.

Anti-social / nuisance driving continues to be a common issue within Turriff and dedicated patrols will continue to target this problem. The launch of Operation Illustrious by the Formartine Community Policing Team is focusing on road traffic offences and speeding with dedicated patrols being utilised to combat problem areas.

This coming month will see the full launch of Operation Abacablue which will focus on dealing with Anti-social behavior in all of its forms. It will see problem areas, such as the Haughs and Tesco Car Park, being targeted in a bid to combat the issues.


Local Officers are appealing to our local communities for any information relating to the following incidents:

Also on My Turriff
Police investigating incidents at two historic sites in the North East

Once again this month, the trout fishery at Delgaty Castle has been targeted by person’s intent on causing damage and disruption to equipment there. Further to this it has been reported that someone has attempted to shoot a swan in the same area. If you have any information regarding any of these incidents then please contact us, directing you message to PC Munoz at Turriff quoting CF0150810619.

Between the 7th and 8th June 2019, an extensive Vandalism occurred to a currently unoccupied building within the Forglen estate, whereby a number of windows and a door has been damaged. Should you have any information that could assist with this enquiry then please contact us, directing your message to PC Dowie at Turriff quoting CF0142980619.

Between 13th and 16th June 2019, at the Haugh’s, Turriff, a Vandalism has occurred whereby extensive graffiti has been sprayed across the walls of the old den shop / band stand. It is believed to be the work of school aged individuals and has caused a large amount of outrage in the local community. I would urge anyone within the community, especially other school aged youths who has any information in relation to this incident to contact us immediately, please direct your message to PC Raine at Turriff, quoting CF0152900619.

Between 25th and 26th June 2019, a Theft has occurred at the Turriff Recycling Centre, whereby entry has been gained and various items stolen from within. It is believed that a vehicle would have been required to complete this crime. As such anyone with information relating to vehicles or suspicious persons in the area during the night then please contact us, directing your message to PC Caie, quoting incident CF0160560619.
If anyone has any information relating to any of these incidents then please get in touch via 101, email, attending at the office or, if you wish to remain anonymous, via Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111.

Looking Ahead

This month our community beat officer, PC Donald, has carried out his first mobile Police Office drop-in clinic within Rothienorman, to which he was most warmly received. He reported a great turn out and engagement by the local community. PC Donald is due to be carrying out further drop-in clinics on Thursday 25 July 2019 where he will be at;


Fyvie Primary School between 1500 -1630 hours


Cuminestown village hall between 1700 – 1830 hours and finally


Methlick Beaton Hall between 1900 – 2030 hours.

I would encourage local residents to attend and make the most of the opportunity.

Our local operations, as outlined above, will continue to run over the coming months and I would urge local residents who are suffering from persistent speeding and anti-social behaviour to get in touch so that we can direct our patrols to the worst affected areas.

If you would like to report anything to the Police please use either our non-emergency number 101 or via www.scotland.police.uk or if you wish to remain anonymous, then use Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Please follow us on Twitter@ShireNPolice for local policing updates.

Sergeant Richard Barnwell

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