NFU Scotland introduces family membership

Partners and children can now be added at no cost to your NFU Scotland Farming or Crofting membership

Partners and children can now be added at no cost to your NFU Scotland Farming or Crofting membership

Recognising that agriculture is very much a family affair, NFU Scotland has launched its Family Membership, allowing members to add partners and children to their membership free of charge.

This means that everyone from the wife, husband, business partners and children can make the most of the benefits of being a member of NFU Scotland – from attending meetings, receiving information by email and text, to being invited to events and giving their views and opinions. They will also receive an electronic copy of the Scottish Farming Leader membership magazine. And of course, they can benefit from the many member discounts NFU Scotland has with over 30 partners.

Current Farming and Crofting members can call up on 0131 472 4000 to edit their membership from 1 January 2019. They can also log onto the NFU Scotland website and make changes under the ‘my details’ section.

Scott Walker, NFU Scotland Chief Executive, commented

As a Union we recognise that farming and crofting is very much a family affair with many businesses handed down through generations. It feels right that all the family in the business from partners to children can enjoy the benefits of NFU Scotland as much as the named subscription payer.

Their voice matters as much as the main person on the subscription and we want to recognise that. More importantly they can get access to all of this, and more, for no cost over and above the main membership subscription.

This change will allow us as a Union to build on the wide demographic that we represent and engage with all who are actively involved in the farming business. This will help to strengthen our voice when we go about our daily work of representing our members.

When registering the details of family member, I would encourage you to check that your contact details that we hold are up to date. This means that you can receive up to date information in the way that most suits you.

Members can also access a huge range of information at including updating your details and reading the latest news and policy updates.


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