Turriff drivers charged with alleged drink driving offences

Officers from Police Scotland are appealing to drivers to never drink and drive after a number of drivers were charged in connection with alleged drink driving offences at the weekend

Two drivers from Turriff were amongst seven motorists who were charged in connection with alleged drink driving offences at the weekend.

Urging officers from Police Scotland once again to appeal to the public to never drink and drive.

Six men and one woman will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal in relation to three incidents in Aberdeen, two in Turriff, one in Stonehaven and one in Fraserburgh.

Road Policing Sergeant Andrew Meikleham said

The safety of all road users in the North East is a priority for us and we will not tolerate drivers taking the law into their own hands in this way.

As well as endangering the safety of others you run the risk being reported to the court, disqualified from driving for a minimum period of 12 months, gaining a criminal record for a lengthy period and, in some cases, your vehicle may be forfeited.

If you do decide to drink when you are out please plan ahead and think about how you are going to get home. Our advice remains that if you need to drive, then it is best not to drink at all – there is no safe limit.

Law abiding motorists and other road users can be rest assured that we continue to watch for drink drivers and will always take action against those found to be over the limit.

Anyone with concerns about a suspected drink or drug driver is urged to contact 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.

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