Safe Drive Stay Alive returns with a new film

Aberdeenshire Community Safety Executive has commissioned a new film for their hard-hitting road safety campaign, Safe Drive Stay Alive, which is about to start its thirteenth year. There will be one public screening of the film.

From party, to passenger, to the emergency operating theatre and the consequences of life changing injuries – a new Safe Drive Stay Alive film will open young people’s eyes to the risks of motoring.

After 12 years showing the potential implications of a moment’s inattention behind the wheel, interweaving it with real-life testimony, a new film has been developed to bring the show up to date.

The organisers of the annual road safety show worked with local company TVP Film and Multimedia to produce a hard-hitting storyline focusing on a group of young people attending their school prom.

The film will be used in the live stage show which takes place at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom every year, attended by thousands of young people from across Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray.

It is interspersed with real life accounts from members of the emergency services, doctors and bereaved parents to outline exactly how lives can change in the blink of an eye.

Funding from sponsors Nexen and Suncor, supporting the show for the second year, enabled organisers to bring the video up to date, using local roads and locations.

Using actors, fire and paramedic crews, traffic police officers and health professionals, it tells the story of a group of friends whose lives are changed forever.

Full of the joys of the end of term, the film follows them preparing for and enjoying their night out, before a moment of inattention leads to tragedy.

A still from the new Safe Drive Stay Alive film showing a crashed white car with emergency services working on it
A still from the new Safe Drive Stay Alive film.

It highlights some of the physical and emotional scars which can result from a road traffic collision, making it very clear why it’s best to Safe Drive Stay Alive.

While school pupils of or around driving age from Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray schools will get to see the film in full, the only showing for the general public is at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom on Wednesday, November 8 at 7.15pm and is free to attend.

Chair of the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Executive, Margaret-Jane Cardno said

The current film used in the live stage show is a number of years old and was starting to show its age, but it has served us very well, helping to illustrate the risks of motoring to tens of thousands of young people across the north-east over the last twelve years.

Thanks to our generous supporters Nexen and Suncor we have been able to produce a completely new film, bringing the show up to date and making it more relevant for today’s audience.

Although the video is hard-hitting and shocking in places, it’s designed to be that way and is an accurate representation of how things can go badly wrong on the roads, changing lives forever.

If the storyline and images in the new film, combined with the courageous testimony of real life cast members in the live show, make even one young person think about their responsibilities behind the wheel or how to stay safe as a passenger, then all the efforts of those behind the show are worth it.

Members of the public are invited to attend the only public showing of the film at Aberdeen Beach Ballroom on November 8 at 7:15 pm. The event is free to attend.

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