Experiencing a poor TV signal?

If you are still experiencing poor or no signal on your digital TV service, you can contact at800 who can investigate the issue and may be able to provide a free filter to resolve the problem for you.

A number of people in Turriff have been complaining about poor or no TV signal in recent weeks.

Some of the interference may have been due to the planned maintenance works that have been carried out on the main Durris transmitter over the past few weeks. According to the DigitalUK website, there are no scheduled works planned for this week.

According to At800, the industry body who are responsible for making sure that people can receive a clear Freeview signal, the recent upgrade to 4G by some of the mobile phone providers in Turriff could be to blame if you are still having problems. The digital TV signal and 4G mobile phone networks both use the same part of the radio spectrum.

This video explains more


My Turriff contacted At800 and spokesman said

Please encourage anyone experiencing new interference to their TV, such as the picture freezing or loss of sound, to contact us for free on 0808 1313 800, or via our website www.at800.tv. We will check whether the issue could be due to 4G mobile signals, and if so, provide appropriate support.

For residents in flats or communal buildings, we provide landlords or property managers with support to resolve the problem. Cable or satellite TV is not affected. In homes with these services that also watch Freeview, we can provide a free filter to fit to the TV and advice, but do not offer in-home engineer support.

We would encourage anyone to contact us directly before engaging an independent engineer as we are not obliged to refund any costs incurred however, all cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

So if you are still experiencing poor or no signal on your digital TV channels, contact at800 via their website or by phone 0808 1313 800 first so they can investigate if 4G is to blame for the interference and if it is, they will provide free filters to fix the issue.

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