Haughs toilets are open again

The toilets at the Haughs are now open again and will be maintained by Aberdeenshire Council. This should mean that they will be open for the whole year and not just for six months as they were previously.

As Aberdeenshire Council will only fund one set of toilets in Turriff, this means that the High Street toilets will no longer be maintained by the council in the future. Reports need to go before various council committees for this change to be approved but the Director responsible has made the decision to open both sets of toilets until the reports have been heard.

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Councillor Anne Stirling is speaking to a local cleaning company who has offered to maintain one of the toilets in Turriff to see if they can come to a suitable arrangement that works for the company, the council and of course the residents of Turriff.

If everything goes to plan this will mean that Turriff will have two sets of toilets open all year, as it should for a growing, vibrant town.

Thanks to Anne Stirling who has continued to fight for the best interests of the residents and visitors in Turriff while other councillors have remained silent on the matter.

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