Changes to Aberdeenshire Council mini recycling points

Aberdeenshire Council is making changes to the mini recycling points across the area from 31 July. The changes are to help Aberdeenshire reduce the environmental impact of its waste collection system.

Aberdeenshire’s current kerbside recycling system already accepts a wide range of materials, which can all be placed in the same blue lidded bin and collected every two weeks.

The mini recycling points will now only be for glass and textiles, as these cannot go in the blue lidded recycling bin. The council is actively looking for more locations where these can be installed.

Separate cardboard bins at the mini recycling points will also be removed – as cardboard of all types can also be placed in the blue lidded kerbside recycling bins.

There has been a notable drop-off in the amount of materials being taken to mini recycling points by householders since the current kerbside collections were introduced in 2015.

One of the main benefits of the change is the need for substantially less vehicle use, saving money and carbon emissions. The changes will allow for a reduction of seven vehicles from the recycling fleet and staff 11 posts. Aberdeenshire Council says any staff reductions will be from natural wastage rather than redundancy.

It will also help prevent the misuse of mini-recycling points for the disposal of trade waste. Commercial businesses should not have been using these facilities, as they are required to make alternative arrangements for disposal of their waste and recycling.

Unfortunately, contamination levels are also higher at the mini recycling points than at Household Waste Recycling Centres, or compared to kerbside collections, where our team can provide a check on what’s going into bins.

Households can still recycle exactly the same materials and have it collected in their blue lidded bin from the kerbside

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads, Landscape Services and Waste Management, Philip McKay said

Although households are restricted to one landfill bin, we will supply additional blue lidded recycling bins free of charge in order to encourage as much recycling as possible.

By giving residents the option of using mini recycling points as well as the kerbside service, we are running vehicles just for this, while there is capacity within our current domestic kerbside collection vehicles.

It is expected there will be no reduction in the amount of recyclate recovered in Aberdeenshire, but there will be benefits for the environment and the council’s budget, in the region of £400,000.

The changes will take effect from July 31 onwards.

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Community Waste Officers will be speaking to local community councils about the changes to recycling points and will share information on how to obtain new or additional blue recycling bins.

For any residents who generate so much recycling that it cannot fit in their blue lidded bins, Aberdeenshire’s network of larger Household Waste Recycling Centres will still accept all these materials and more and their locations and opening times can be seen here on the Aberdeenshire Council website.

You can request a new or additional blue-lidded recycling bin here Getting waste and recycling containers.

If you’d like to suggest a location for a new mini recycling point, please contact Wasteline on 03456 081207 or email

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