WhatsApp Scam

We have been told of a scam that is being sent around using the popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Users are getting a message saying that they will need to pay 99p to keep using the service.

The message states

Your subscription has expired.

To verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just 0.99 GDP simply tap on this link…

WhatsApp scam message

The scam is believed to be having a high success rate as the WhatsApp service did charge a 99p subscription fee when it first launched. The service is now free and no subscription fees need to be paid by users.

Advice is to delete any messages like these that you may receive, if you have clicked on any links you should run a virus scan if appropriate and if you have provided any bank details you should contact your bank as soon as possible.

Advice from WhatsApp FAQs https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/general/21197244

Spam and Hoaxes

We work diligently to reduce any spam messages that come through our system. Creating a safe space for users to communicate with one another is a priority. However, just like regular SMS or phone calls, it is possible for other WhatsApp users who have your phone number to contact you. So, we want to help you identify and handle spam and hoax messages.

Spam and hoax messages may or may not come from one of your contacts. These types of messages spread false information and are designed to deceive you and prompt you to act in a certain way. If a message looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true, don’t tap on it, share it or forward it.

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Watch out for messages that:

Include misspellings or grammatical mistakes
Ask you to tap on a link
Ask you to share your personal information (like credit card and bank account numbers, birthdate, passwords, etc.)
Ask you to forward the message
Ask you to click on a link to “activate” a new feature
Say that you have to pay to use WhatsApp (WhatsApp is a free app. We will never ask you to pay to use WhatsApp and you do not have to do anything to use WhatsApp for free.)
What to do

If you are receiving the message from an unknown number, you will be given the option to report the number to WhatsApp as spam directly from the app.

If you’ve received spam from a contact, delete the message and do not click on any links or provide personal information. Tell the contact that the message they sent includes spam and point them to this WhatsApp safety page.

You can also send reports of spam to WhatsApp by contacting us from inside the app.

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