Changes to local supported bus services

Aberdeenshire Council is making a number of changes to the supported bus services that serve Turriff.

253 service Turriff – Fraserburgh via Mintlaw Withdrawal of Friday shoppers’ journeys (0903 hours ex Turriff and 1312 hours ex Fraserburgh).
An alternative Tuesday shoppers‘ service is retained (0903 ex Turriff and 1312 ex Fraserburgh).

253 Service New Deer – Maud via Turriff Withdrawal of two Monday -Friday non-schooldays journeys (0740 hours ex Maud and 1558 hours ex Turriff).

Aberdeenshire Council provides socially necessary services to cater for what are considered travel needs that would otherwise be unmet through the provision of commercial bus services. The changes to the services are being made to meet savings to the transport budget.

The changes will take place from 17 July 2017.

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