Local Independent candidate urges voters to keep it local

Mike Rawlins, Independent candidate in the Local Elections on May 4 is urging voters to keep it local in the election.

Mike said,

In light of this mornings announcement of a snap General Election by the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, it is important that local and national issues don’t get merged.

Local Elections are about local services and governance and should not be confused with the national issues of IndyRef2 or Brexit. While local and national issues are both equally important they are two distinct areas. On May 4 you are voting for councillors who will deal with local issues that are important to our communities. On June 8 you can vote for the political party who you think will best serve your interests nationally.

Now more than ever we need to have strong independent voices in Local Government, supporting local communities. Candidates from the main political parties will be mired in the fall out of the announcement today and campaigning for the June 8 General Election before they have even had the chance to be voted in locally on May 4.

A list of all the candidates in the Turriff and District ward can be found here.

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