A winter wonderland for Turriff?

Samantha Lima, has contact My Turriff with an idea about a Winter Wonderland for Turriff in December.

There is a meeting planned for 23 February at the BP Centre for anyone that is interested.

Samanta said

At the end of this year, in December, I would like to organise a Christmas event for the local people of Turriff, and the surrounding areas. My vision is to create a Winter Wonderland. The area which I would like to use would be the walk way from the central mart arch on Balmellie Road, down to The Den. (The idea came from Aden county park, from their woodland lit walk that they had for Halloween)

The idea of a winter wonderland, would be to create a festive pathway which is lit up with appropriate Christmas coloured lighting.

Along the well lit pathway I envisage groups of children who would be performing, and a display of festive art work created by the children in Turriff and the feeder schools, or local groups.

For this Winter Wonderland to become a reality there will need to be a committee to help organise the event and raise funds for it. If anyone is interested in helping bring a Winter Wonderland to Turriff then please go to the meeting at the BP Centre 7pm on 23 February.

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