Police warn public to remain vigilant following attempted telephone scam

Police in the north east have once again urged the public to remain vigilant to attempted telephone scams after an elderly gentleman was recently targeted.

The gentleman was telephoned by a person alleging to be from EE energy who advised that his bank was under investigation and as such he should withdraw all his money and contact them when he had done so.

Fortunately due to the vigilance of bank staff he was prevented from doing so. However when he returned home he received another call which was answered by a family member and the caller on this occasion pretended to be a police sergeant and told him that officers would be out to note a statement regarding the bank and may need to take his cash for safe keeping. They were informed that police had already been contacted and promptly hung up.

Crime Reduction officer, PC Kevin Marron, said

Police officers would never ask you for money. If you are contacted by someone who advises they are a police officer and you have any concerns at all, end the call and phone 101 to get their details verified.

Reputable organisations will not ask you for your banking details or password by phone. Never share any personal details or financial details. Do not be rushed or panicked into providing details or taking any action. Pause, think, ask.

Be suspicious as to who is calling you. Contact Police Scotland for advice or contact the financial institution via another line using contact details that you have obtained. Never call back within the hour on the same line they called you on. Fraudsters can leave the line open. In short, if someone telephones you and asks you to confirm your details it will most probably be a scam.

If you would like any more  safeguarding yourself against fraudsters then please visit the Police Scotland website at www.scotland.police.uk.

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