Plans for 231 affordable homes in Turriff submitted

Property developer Springfield Properties PLC has applied for planing permission for 231 homes on the agricultural land behind the new Markethill Primary School.

The 231 properties including 169 houses and 62 flats are being classed as affordable housing and will be developed in a phased plan along with landscaping and open space, footways and internal roads and parking.

The initial plans for the site were for 150 properties but this has been increased incrementally to the current 231 with the justification that they are all classed as ‘affordable’.

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What is not clear is where the new residents of Turriff are going to be working to be able to purchase these affordable properties. The A947 is almost at capacity in the morning and evening rush hours and there are no plans for any employment areas within the town to be developed.

The full planing application of 126 documents can be viewed on the Aberdeenshire Council planning website.

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