Name for the new Markethill Primary School decided

Artists impression of the new Markethill Primary School

The name for the replacement for Markethill Primary School currently under construction on Meadowbank Road in Turriff has been decided.

The community were asked to rank six suggested names for the new school as it was thought that Markethill Primary School may not be the most appropriate name for the new location. The six suggestions put forward to the community were

  • Meadowbank School
  • Meadowview School
  • Markethill School
  • Shannocks View School
  • Turriff Markethill School
  • Turriff Primary School

407 people responded to the survey and Turriff Primary School was selected as one of the top three names by 316 people who responded. Markethill School and Turriff Markethill School were also popular choices from the community. Shannocks View School got the lowest number of votes in the survey with 230 people placing it in 6 place.

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Survey results for the name of the new primary school
Survey results for the name of the new primary school

Based on the responses from the Turriff community the Formartine Area Committee approved  Turriff Primary School as the name of the new school when it opens in 2017 .

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