Volunteers needed for Get on Board Caring for Turriff & District

The Caring for Turriff group members have been asking people who live in and around Turriff for some feedback on their communities.

So far people have said there is a need to support people who are feeling isolated due to a lack of awareness of what is happening in their area.

With this feedback in mind, the Caring for Turriff group has decided to go out to meet people in the area with a bus.

The bus will be a way for the group to meet more people locally, to get further feedback on living in their area and also to try and find new volunteers for various local groups. The Caring for Turriff group are asking volunteers and local organisations to “Get on Board” the bus. Being on the bus will help volunteers to engage with more people in the community and help promote groups to the wider community.

The bus will be in the following locations

  • Cuminestown (opposite the shop) on Friday 4 November from 9.30-11.30am
  • High Street car park beside Tesco in Turriff on Friday 4 November from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
  • High Street car park beside Tesco in Turriff on Saturday 5 November from 9.30am to 2.00pm
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The only thing Caring for Turriff are asking in return would be:

Groups and volunteers let people know about the dates the bus will be in both towns
Complete a simple form to let us know what volunteers can do to help you locally
Help “man” the bus as a volunteer on either day

This would give volunteers the opportunity to tell people about your group and also to encourage people to become volunteers.

If you or your group would like Caring for Turriff to help you find new volunteers please complete the Volunteer form and Staffing Rota form and send them by email to nhsg.publichealth@nhs.net by Friday 21 October.


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