Turriff community groups need your help

During the meeting of Turriff and District Community Council on Monday there was a lot of discussion about the current condition of Turriff Cemetery.

Fraser Watson is starting a Friends of Turriff Cemetery group for the community to work alongside Aberdeenshire Council to improve the cemetery.

Fraser said

We are going to a cemetery one day …. Be as well take an interest and look after them

There was some discussion about the public toilets iin Turriff and trying to ensure that the toilets at the Haughs are able to open again in 2017. Joyce Thompson, Morag Lightning & Fraser are trying to start a group to take on the discussions around the public toilets at the Haughs. The general feeling of the community is that the toilets need to be kept open, the Community Council will work with the community groups as they are formed, to help try and ensure the toilets are opened again next year.

Both groups are planning public meetings in the near future to get people involved, bu if you are interested in joining one or both of the groups you can use the form below to provide contact details and someone will get in touch with you.

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