2016 Electoral Canvas

Canvass forms for the revised electoral register to be published on December 1 will be issued to every household in Grampian from Monday 15 August.

This is the second year of operation of the new system of Individual Electoral Registration and the reduction of the voting age to 16.

Householders must respond to the forms they receive, which ask if the details of each household are correct.

Almost a third of all households responded online in 2015, but with more than 75% of local households having internet access, it is hoped more will use the online response service in 2016 and in doing so save their time and valuable public money.  Responding to the canvas online provides a significant saving of around 28p per household over households that return the paper forms.

Grampian Electoral Registration Officer, Ian Milton, said responding online is a win-win situation for the householder and the taxpayer.

We have a secure and cost–effective online response service which allows householders to provide the necessary information quickly and efficiently from the comfort of their home,” he said.

Scotland is enjoying a surge in democratic engagement and we are very keen to ensure that every citizen who is entitled to register to vote can vote. We can only do this if householders respond to the canvass and help us keep the electoral registers completely up to date.

Those households without internet access can respond by text, phone or by completing and posting the form they receive.

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Local Government elections are due to take place on May 4 next year, and registered electors who will be 16 or over on that date will be able to vote.

Households should therefore provide details of residents who will be 15 on or before November 30, 2016, to ensure they can vote as soon as they turn 16.

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