Community Cafes at Abbeyfield House Turriff

The community café is to open again on 29 June at Abbeyfield House in Turriff where everyone is welcome. The house, located in The Wynd, offers supported independent living for older people, and is hosting the café from 10.00-11.30am.

The cafe project is aimed at helping raise the awareness of what the house has to offer locally and it is also planned to hold the cafe on the 27th July and on the 24 August.

People attending the café on the 29 June are also invited along to have their say on what is happening in Turriff by answering some ‘Turra Coo’ questions posed by the Caring for Turriff Group including asking how people currently connect with the local community and if they know what’s happening in the area.

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Carole Foreman, the Area Supervisor, Aberdeenshire for Abbeyfield Scotland, said

At Abbeyfield Turriff we wanted to highlight just how important a role we play in the community and what we have to offer. Everyone is welcome to come along to have a cup of tea, a scone and a blether.

We currently have a small number of vacancies and our staff would be able to inform anyone interested about the options and any possible support we can offer. This is the second time we have done something like this in Turriff and following on from the success of our previous events our residents remain involved and are very excited about the cafe.

Anyone interested can get further information by calling 07880-037518 or going online at

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