Looking for information about Anne Scott

One for local family history buffs. This came in by E-mail earlier this week.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am an adopted person who recently discovered that her Scottish birth mother, born in Glasgow. was fostered in Turriff.
Her name was Annie Scott, known as Nancy and she along with her brother James and a boy called Jackie Craig were fostered by Sammy and Christina Innes in the 1940’s. I met up with Bill Innes recently to see what I could learn about Annie Scott.

He still lives in Turriff and took me to see the house on Beaconsfield Avenue where they all grew up.
Unfortunately Annie passed away in 1992, she had lung cancer. Her brother James also passed away with bowel cancer.
I know I have an aunt and cousin who still live in Turriff but was wondering if we have any other relatives or connections.

I am not just asking for myself as there is another chapter to the story.
Annie went to the USA in the 1950’s and married an American. She went on to have a further 3 children, John, Lorna and Laurie, my half brother and sisters, they too would like to know more about the family history.

Hope you can help,
Yours faithfully,
Louise Lee, (Louise Scott)

If anyone has any information, please do get in touch with My Turriff and we will pass details on to Louise.

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