Storm Abigail weather warning

Turriff is on the edge of a Yellow РBe Aware weather warning  from the Met Office for the incoming Storm Abigail which is expected for Thursday evening in to Friday afternoon.

The met office forecast is currently

The northwest and north of Scotland are likely to see severe southwesterly gales later on Thursday with strong winds extending across the Northern Isles into Friday morning. Gusts of 60-70 mph are likely with the possibility of some gusts exceeding 80mph in exposed locations. Winds will begin to ease across the Western Isles and the mainland on Friday morning and across the Northern Isles on Friday afternoon.

Storm Abigail, which is the first storm to be named by the Met Office, is expected to bring strong winds with gusts of 60 – 70 mph and possibly higher in exposed locations. The Met Office warning states that The public should be aware of the risk of disruption to transport. In addition, large waves may give rise to local over-topping along some coasts.

Eddy Carroll, Chief Meteorologist for the Met Office said

There remains some uncertainty regarding the exact extent and timing of strongest winds but current forecasts suggest that this storm could have some medium impacts such as disruption to transport and so a warning has been issued.

Advice for the local community in Turriff is, don’t plan a BBQ for Thursday or Friday and consider at putting the garden furniture away, especially trampolines, we don’t want to see anything like this in Turriff


If the bairns are walking to school on Friday and it’s still windy you could tie them together so you don’t lose the littlest ones. Oh and bins, don’t forget to tie your bin to something sturdy.

You can keep up to date with the weather warning on the Met Office website.

You can leave your tips on how to stay safe in storm Abigail in the comments below.

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