Nesta Action Research in Audience Analytics

I’m delighted to announce that My Turriff has been awarded a grant by Nesta (the UK’s innovation foundation) to take part in its Action Research in Audience Analytics project.

My Turriff is the only site in Scotland to be selected to take part in this research project.


Across the UK 9 other hyperlocal websites were selected and we’ll be working with each other and Nesta to explore how a more strategic use of website and social media analytics might help us

  • define and measure our success online
  • improve services
  • audience engagement and reach
  • sustainability and legacy within the local community

The other sites we will be working with over the next 4 months are

From my real world work I already know some of the people and sites that are included in the project and look forward to getting to know the others over the next four months.

It is hoped that th project will answer five core questions / objectives

  1. What barriers are there to hyperlocal media publishers analysing their audience and content?
  2. How does training, upskilling and trial participation help hyperlocal media publishers overcome these barriers?
  3. What evidence do the trials provide about local audiences and their consumption of hyperlocal media?
  4. What evidence does this research provide to the wider sector about the cost-benefit of audience and content analysis and its impact on the commercial and social value proposition of services? – including services’ ability to demonstrate their value to potential partnerships with traditional/established media groups and local services?
  5. Development and dissemination of learning resources for long-term benefit of and use by the wider hyperlocal media sector

So what doe this mean for My Turriff? Well I hope to learn more about what works and what doesn’t on the site and use this to help me develop it further. Being able to spend a little more time working on the site I can build partnerships with other local groups and organisations.

Ideally I’d like to add more community information and events and get other people involved in contributing to the site, it was always meant to be a community site for everyone.

If you want to get involved in the site or you would like to use it to promote your club or group then please get in touch.

You can read the Nesta post about the project here

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