Salmond takes on mobile phone not spots in Aberdeenshire

Alex Salmond on the Yes Aberdeenshire campaign trailer

Alex Salmond, MSP for Aberdeenshire East is challenging the 4 main mobile phone providers to deal with ‘not spots’ across Aberdeenshire.

The former First Minister written to the UK’s four main mobile phone network providers taking them to task over the poor network coverage in rural Aberdeenshire. He has written to the CEOs of EE, O2, Vodafone and Three, asking them to provide a full analysis of their existing cover across both Aberdeenshire East and Gordon constituencies and what plans they have to improve and upgrade services to support 3G and 4G.

In his letter, Mr Salmond referenced the village of Methlick which, with a population of 450 people, has no coverage from either Vodafone or O2 – two out of the “big four” carriers – despite not being in a remote or topographically challenging location.

In Turriff O2 does not provide 3G coverage, EE & Orange are patchy and the busy A947 commuter corridor has numerous black spots of no coverage along its length.

Commenting, Alex Salmond said

Rural Aberdeenshire must be amongst the worst served areas in terms of mobile network coverage.

At best it can be patchy, and at worst there are whole communities which fall into network ‘black spots’ – and that’s just for phone signal, never mind 3G and 4G.

I’ve asked the chief executives of the ‘big four’ network carriers to let me know what they will each be doing to improve services for my constituents – their potential customers – in the north east of Scotland and I hope this campaign will help focus their attention on the significant investment which is much needed in the local area.

Alex Salmond has also tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament recognising that the “big four” need to make significant improvements to their services in the region.

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